540 Big Block Chevy Blower Engine

800-1200 Horsepower 

Can be configured from mild pump gas street to aggressive race gas


This engine starts with a World Merlin 4 block that we fully cnc machine and fill with the following components

Eagle 4340 forged crank 4.25″ stroke

Eagle forged H beam rods 6.385″

JE forged pistons

Hellfire file fit rings

Clevite H bearings

Solid roller cam and lifters

Double row timing set

Polished aluminum timing cover

ATI double key balancer

Melling oil pump

Moroso oil pan and pickup

Felpro gaskets

Dart Pro 1 aluminum heads with stainless valves

Rocker stud girdle

ARP head bolts

Crane roller rockers

Polished logo valve covers

Blower shop 8/71 Billet case supercharger

Quickfuel carbs

MSD billet distributor with wires

This engine is fully machined, balanced, assembled, and dyno tested.

You can make your engine complete with any of these options or add upgrades


MSD crank trigger                                                       411

Callies Compstar crank and rods                             750

Callies Magnum crank                                            1,050

Callies Ultra rods                                                         895

CNC combustion chamber                                        295

Dart Pro 1 fully cnc ported heads                            995

Comp cams belt drive for cam                                 779

Jesel belt drive for cam                                             995

Severe duty lifters (hippo)                                         235

Billet main caps                                                           315

Dart Big M block                                                         N/C

Brodix aluminum block(includes head studs)    3,200

Please contact us with any other options you would like and we will get you a quote on them